Victor Hovland’s favorite death metal has European Ryder Cup team feeling demonic vibes

Victor Hovland’s favorite death metal has European Ryder Cup team feeling demonic vibes

Viktor Hovland has a peculiar taste in music. His cheerful, always smiling self is just a facade. He loves metal music, and the more hardcore, the better.

Ahead of the Ryder Cup, the PGA Tour social team asked Hovland what his favorite song is right now, and he gave him “Instill” by Humanity’s Last Breath.

“Super talented, and I just really like — just the beats are crazy and obviously extremely heavy,” Hovland said. “It’s just super chaotic, but the more you listen to it, you find the rhythm and beats. And it comes together to make sense. Sometimes, when you’re in the gym and want to work out hard, it’s a great song to pump you up.”

Then, the social team let all his Team Europe teammates listen and give their opinions.

“Sounds like the devil,” Rory McIlroy said as he reacted to the song. “That’s like the most horrific thing I’ve ever heard in my life. The music and the beats are okay, but when the guy starts to sing, it’s horrendous.”

Robert MacIntyre thought it was brutal. Sepp Straka said he needed to speak to Viktor about it.

Tyrrell Hatton had one of the best reactions out of the entire group.

“I think you played that for like 15 seconds too long there,” Hatton said. “I mean, I don’t need any more rage in my life.”

Matt Fitzpatrick couldn’t believe his ears. “That’s not even music,” Fitzpatrick said. “That’s horrendous.”

“Yeah, I heard enough,” Ludvig Aberg said as he quickly removed his headphones. “It’s absolutely terrible.”

Justin Rose was the only player who embraced it, as he played the air drums.

Not many would have expected that to be the music of choice by the congenial Hovland. But if that’s what he’s using to hype himself up, it’s working as he is arguably the hottest player on the planet entering the Ryder Cup.

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