Tony Finau, Tyrell Hatton rumored to be joining Jon Rahm’s LIV Golf team

Tony Finau, Tyrell Hatton rumored to be joining Jon Rahm’s LIV Golf team

The golf world was shaken up once again with the news that Jon Rahm signed with LIV Golf. That came on the heels of tons of speculation and rumors.

Generally speaking, rumors are not to be trusted. But in this case, they were spot on. It was also believed that Rahm, upon joining the Saudi-backed circuit, would get his own team.

Now, rumors are spreading again. This time, they detail two potential PGA Tour defections set to join Rahm.

Tony Finau, the No. 21 ranked player in the world, and Tyrell Hatton are being brought up in this regard. Finau is in talks with LIV about switching tours and joining Rahm, according to The Telegraph.

Finau was asked Friday at the Grant Thornton Invitational if he had put any thought into jumping to LIV.

“No, not yet. I haven’t let anything marinate other than just playing right now,” Finau said. “I’m happy for Jon. He made the best decision he felt was right for his family and himself.”

Meanwhile, Hatton, the 32-year-old Englishman, has also been linked to LIV. GolfWRX writer Matt Vincenzi is reporting that Hatton’s discussions with LIV are currently underway.

Of course, neither The Telegraph nor Vincenzi name any sources. This could very easily be fodder. But it also would make sense on a number of levels.

Rahm has a personal relationship with both players.

The Spaniard and Hatton joined forced at the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome to soundly defeat the Americans.

Finau and Rahm are practice partners and friends living in the Scottsdale, Arizona area.

On top of that, Finau is facing two major lawsuits seeking up to $20 million. The Salt Lake City, Utah native has earned a little over $50 million during his professional career. That’s a large chunk.

Former business associate and family friend Molonai Hola filed a lawsuit in 2020 against Finau, his brother, Gipper, and his father, Gary. Hola allegedly invested heavily in Finau early in his career, between 2006 and 2009.

Additionally, local Utah businessman David Hunter is also suing the Finau family. This case was initially dropped but was recently reinstated by the Utah Court of Appeals.

Knowing the deep pockets possessed by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), the beneficiary of LIV Golf, Finau would stand to make a large sum of money immediately.

Nothing is known for certain, but the tea leaves point to more PGA Tour players defecting. It’s just a matter of time before we find out exactly who and for what price.

Kendall Capps is the Senior Editor of SB Nation’s Playing Through. For more golf coverage, follow us @_PlayingThrough on all major social media platforms.

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