Jon Rahm’s rumored $600M PGA Tour betrayal for LIV Golf has fans up in arms

Jon Rahm’s rumored $600M PGA Tour betrayal for LIV Golf has fans up in arms

Jon Rahm is a big name for the PGA Tour. He is the reigning Masters champion and two-time major champ.

However, the rumors surrounding Rahm and LIV Golf continue to grow. It really began when Rahm pulled out of TGL earlier this month, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s team simulation golf league.

Now, there is a price tag on how much the Saudi-backed tour will allegedly pay him — $600 million.

If the rumors prove to be true, it would be a big blow to the PGA Tour. Rahm was one of those who appeared to firmly stand by the Tour amidst LIV’s ascension in the golf world.

Ahead of the Genesis Invitational in 2022, the Masters champion was quite blunt about where his allegiance lay.

“This is my official, my one and only time I’ll talk about this, where I am officially declaring my fealty to the PGA Tour,” Rahm said. “I’m a PAC member, and I have a lot of belief in Jay Monahan and the product that they’re going to give us in the future.”

“There has been a lot of talk and speculation about the Saudi league. It’s just not something I believe is the best for me and my future in golf, and I think the best legacy I can accomplish will be with the PGA Tour.”

Sure, things have changed in the last two years, but when you pledge your allegiance to the PGA Tour, that should mean something, right?

For a long time, the Spaniard was loyal to the PGA Tour and denied considering playing for LIV Golf. He has made multiple comments since that Feb. 2022 quote, and none of them suggested he would leave.

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Rahm reiterated after his Masters win in April that he wasn’t going anywhere.

In August, he told Golf Sin Etiquetas, a Spanish Golf Podcast, how LIV Golf wasn’t for him.

“I laugh when people rumor me with LIV Golf,” Rahm said. “I’ve never liked the format…Phil [Mickelson] respects my decision, and I respect his [choice]. Mickelson has told me that I have no reason to go play for LIV, and he has told me that multiple times.”

Just a few months later, the tea leaves read as though the deal is done, and it’s only a matter of time before it goes public.

Fans have run with that assumption, with many taking to social media to voice their opinions.

Daytona Chandler feels this could be the final domino that causes golf to tip on its head. Some users even believe this is the beginning of the end for the PGA Tour.

This final reaction is likely where many people are in this situation. Everything he said the last couple years still sits in people’s minds.

When these rumors surfaced before, the two-time major winner publicly denied them.

However, this time around, Rahm hasn’t denied anything. His management team has also not confirmed or shot down this notion. These rumors have been circulating online for over a week, and his side has gone quiet.

Could this be a negotiation tactic with the PGA Tour and more change, or is Rahm going to LIV Golf? Nothing is official yet. For now, Rahm is a member of the PGA Tour. But this would certainly make some wonder what the PGA Tour will do if these tall tales turn out to be the cold, hard truth.

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