Jon Rahm’s LIV Golf team draws its name from Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar

Jon Rahm’s LIV Golf team draws its name from Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar

Jon Rahm has a new name for his LIV Golf team.

As the 13th team within the Saudi-backed circuit, Rahm’s team will be called Legion XIII, or Legion 13 GC, per The Tee Times and LIV Golf Updates.

The name stems from the Legio XIII Gemina, one of Julius Caesar’s most essential units during his civil war in Ancient Rome in the first century BC.

The Legio XIII Gemina unit served Caesar during his governorship in Gaul, an area that comprises modern-day France, Belgium, Germany, and Northern Italy. After his tenure in Gaul expired, Caesar led his legion to Rome to consolidate power, which included crossing the Rubicon.

Of course, the phrase ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ has become an idiom that represents ‘passing a point of no return.’

Once Caesar crossed the Rubicon—a river in Northern Italy—his forces quickly occupied parts of that area. Caesar and his men descended upon Rome in due time, leading to his rise as dictator. He gained absolute power in 49 BC, and his reign lasted five years.

Jon Rahm, Ryder Cup

Jon Rahm celebrates Team Europe’s Ryder Cup victory at Marco Simone Golf Club in Rome, Italy.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

But as Caesar rose to power, the Roman Republic around him declined. Consequently, a group of senators famously assassinated Caesar in 44 BC, and the Republic became an Empire within the following decades.

Nevertheless, Caesar crossing the Rubicon changed the course of history—just as Rahm bolting to LIV Golf altered the landscape of professional golf.

Rahm passed a point of no return by joining the breakaway league.

Like Ancient Rome during the time of Caesar, golf has been consumed by a civil war over the past few years. The end of this ongoing saga is perhaps near as the PGA Tour and the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF)—LIV Golf’s beneficiary—continue to negotiate about the future structure of professional golf.

But during those talks, Rahm jumped ship to LIV.

And for Rahm to create a team that draws from Caesar is both symbolic and impressive. The metaphor that is Legion XIII is also accurate, as Rahm is one of the most vital characters currently in the game of golf—just as Caesar was to the Roman Republic.

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