Jon Rahm has zero interest in PGA Tour Policy Board: ‘Won’t see me there’

Jon Rahm has zero interest in PGA Tour Policy Board: ‘Won’t see me there’

Jon Rahm will not be joining the PGA Tour Policy Board any time soon.

While speaking to reporters ahead of the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai on Wednesday, Rahm fielded a question about his interest in joining the board.

“Oh, you won’t see me there. Absolutely no chance,” Rahm said.

“I’ve been asked a couple of times if I have any interest, and I’m not going to spend, I don’t know how many meetings they have, but they are six, seven, hour-plus long. I’m not — I’m not here for that.”

Of course, this question came less than a day after Rory McIlroy shockingly resigned from the board.

McIlroy has and continues to strongly advocate for the PGA Tour while also dissenting LIV Golf.

“Regarding Rory, he’s obviously been put in a situation where a lot has been expected of him, and I don’t know why he left the board,” Rahm added.

Jon Rahm, DP World Tour Championship

Rahm speaks at a press conference ahead of the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.
Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

“But I certainly wouldn’t blame somebody like him just to want to focus a bit more on his game and his family and enjoy the bit of time he’s truly earned. Again, it’s a big commitment for somebody to be part of it.”

Many in the golf world were shocked by McIlroy’s abrupt departure—especially considering that the PGA Tour Policy Board met on Monday in Ponta Vedra Beach, Florida.

Yet, Rahm, a three-time Ryder Cup teammate of McIlroy’s, was not surprised.

“I‘m not sure that really matters if I was surprised or not. Did I expect it? Not really,” Rahm said.

“But again, I can understand why somebody would do that, especially with everything that’s involved.”

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