David Beckham calling out Victoria for claiming she was ‘working class’ is the funniest highlight from ‘Beckham’

David Beckham calling out Victoria for claiming she was ‘working class’ is the funniest highlight from ‘Beckham’

The new Netflix documentary series Beckham is a sweeping look into the life of one of the most famous soccer players of all time. It details his time at Manchester United, his personal life being played out in the tabloids, and gave us one of the funniest moments ever when he called out his wife Victoria for downplaying her family’s wealth.

As soon as Becks hears his wife characterize her childhood as “very working class” he can’t help but crane his head into the room and tell her to stop lying. He asks her to be honest about what kind of car her dad drove to drop her at school she keeps avoiding the question before sheepishly admitting it was a Rolls Royce.

This isn’t some new detail. It’s been well established that Victoria Beckham’s family were wealthy growing up, and even embarrassed by the comfortable life she grew up in compared to her peers. Hell, it’s the entire reason she was “Posh Spice” in The Spice Girls, and a 2007 article in HELLO! detailed this very fact.

“Indeed it was something of an irony that she would one day revel in the “Posh Spice” label, considering she was embarrassed by her family’s wealth as a child. She admits she begged her father Tony, who ran an electrical wholesale business, not to drop her off at school in his Rolls Royce.”

It’s not like her family were multi-millionaires, but they were very comfortable. Beckham’s mother was an insurance saleswoman, and her father owned an electrical engineering company. There’s no shame in admitting you’re from money, unless you’re ashamed of it — which Victoria clearly was embarrassed by, but still you don’t need to lie about being working class when you’re not.

It’s just incredible David called her out on camera like this.

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