Dustin Johnson shuns the idea of a PGA Tour return with LIV Valderrama on tap

Dustin Johnson shuns the idea of a PGA Tour return with LIV Valderrama on tap

Dustin Johnson has been one of the more vocal supporters of LIV Golf since its inception. As more details with the PGA Tour deal with the Saudi Public Investment Fund have been revealed, it has sounded like doors were opening for LIV golfers to return.

Johnson made it very clear he has no intention of doing that. Prior to this weekend’s LIV Golf tournament at luxurious Valderrama, he addressed the media.

“I think with this agreement, the only thing that’s going to happen is LIV is going to get even better than what it is now, which it’s already great,” Johnson said.

“I’m happy exactly where I am, and I’m definitely not looking to play more golf than I’m playing now, that’s for sure.”

Dustin Johnson detailed his unwillingness to play more golf. What’s truly interesting is that currently there are 14 LIV Golf events each season. In order for PGA Tour members to retain membership, they are only required to participate in 15 events each season.

Granted, the average tour player plays in 20 to 30 per year. But that is at their discretion.

There does not appear to be a large difference in the amount of tournaments a player is required to take part in. The biggest difference is the purses and the structure of the tournaments themselves.

One of the biggest concerns for those who joined the rival tour was the lack of Official World Golf Rankings points awarded for LIV Golf events. Without those points, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for some of them to qualify for major championship golf.

However, that might not be a problem starting next season. Within the language of the PGA Tour-PIF deal, a plan for OWGR points will be assessed, according to a report from The Athletic.

Hanging over all of this of course is the fact that the future of LIV Golf is still hanging in the balance. It’s been reported that PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan will have the final say as to whether the LIV Golf will even exist after this season.

So, it’s very possible Johnson will be left with no choice if he wants to play competitive golf.

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