Spanish court rules in favour of European Super League

Spanish court rules in favour of European Super League

While UEFA and FIFA have decided not to recognize the European Super League as a valid competitor and have even threatened to punish those involved in the project, the Spanish court has ruled that both UEFA and FIFA have no right to interfere.

The decision was made on January 30th in a Madrid court, as they have noted that what UEFA and FIFA have threatened the ESL with is not only “particularly serious”, but also “holding a monopoly” in what is seen as an abuse of power.

But the ruling doesn’t necessarily mean the Super League will still go ahead, by any means. Nine of the 12 clubs pulled out of the original project, and while the idea has received a boost with new CEO Bernd Reichart who has proposed a revamped project, the ruling now has to go to a continental level, where the top court of the European Union in Luxembourg will have to make a final decision.

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