Victor Wembanyama’s hand makes baseball look like a marble before Yankees game

Victor Wembanyama’s hand makes baseball look like a marble before Yankees game

Theres a lot that French international/future first overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft Victor Wembanyama can do. He’s 7’4 with a nearly eight foot wingspan, so he can pretty much grab anything on any shelf he chooses to. He can shoot it with the best in the league, taking stepback threes only Stephen Curry has the audacity to take. He also has a great handle to create separation on those jumpers, and even if he misses he can do this:

He also seems like a very mature and down to Earth person despite being the most hyped international prospect possibly ever. He spoke on JJ Redick’s podcast the other day and he just seems like a really chill person.

Yeah, not a lot that he can’t do.


Wembanyama was set to throw out the first pitch at the New York Yankees game, and like any true New Yorker, he took the subway to get there.

Truly a man of the people.

Wembanyama arrives to Yankee Stadium (in a 1940s New York Black Yankees Satchel Paige jersey, which is cool as HELL), and is given a baseball to throw out the first pitch, and just look at this baseball in Wembanyama’s hand.

It looks like one of those deepfake photos, but I can assure you that this is really his hand, basically putting his whole hand over a baseball.

So when you hold a baseball like that, but you’re also Victor Wembanyama and the impossible is made possible, something has got to give with this first pitch.


Juuuuuuuussssst a bit outside. I’m sure if Angel Hernandez were behind the plate a good frame will get that to be a strike. Wembanyama probably shouldn’t have tried to give it all that smoke. He went for the heater and lost control of the pitch. Rookie mistake, but he’ll get it next time. Because Wembanyama just does that.

Still wild how he gripped that baseball though.

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