Gradey Dick’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ suit already won NBA Draft fashion

Gradey Dick’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ suit already won NBA Draft fashion

The NBA Draft is hours away, but we can stop the fight. Gradey Dick just won best drip of the night.

“So I’m from Kansas. Dorothy has her little slippers, I got my Dorothy suit.”

This suit is blinding me with luxury, and somehow I’m totally cool with it. Any time you’re trying to pull off nothing but sequins it’s a bold move, but I absolutely support Gradey Dick in any attire he wants to wear. Even his dress shoes have red soles on them, really capping off this whole look.

Barring something wild happening, Dick will be a lottery pick on Thursday night. In our final mock draft we have him going to the Orlando Magic at No. 11, which seems like a perfect landing spot for a player with an eye for pizazz like this.

Anyone who has been following Gradey Dick for a while knows that going for a bold look is par for the course. One of his senior high school photos before leaving for Kansas is among the greatest of all time.

One time he was biking down by the water and accidentally went Super Saiyan.

The draft’s biggest goofball can also seriously ball out, and we could be witnessing a legend in the making when it comes to off-court entertainment. It all starts tonight.

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