The Chiefs’ Super Bowl rings are incredible

The Chiefs’ Super Bowl rings are incredible

To the victor go the spoils.

That was true on Thursday night, when the Kansas City Chiefs received their Super Bowl rings for winning Super Bowl LVII. The team received them following a red carpet ceremony, and the rings are filled with diamonds, rubies, and a whole host of details about the team, their season, and the franchise’s history:

According to the Chiefs, the ring contains 609 round diamonds, 16 baguette diamonds, 4 marquise diamonds, and 35 custom cut rubies. In total, the rings contain 16.10 total carats.

While the sheer number of gems on the rings is staggering, the little details are equally impressive. The top to the ring is detachable, which can be turned into a pendant. When the top is removed, it reveals a scene of GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, along with anywhere from one to three Lombardi Trophies, personalized by the number of Super Bowls each recipient has won with the organization:

Kansas City Chiefs

Surrounding the view of the stadium is quote from Lamar Hunt, about his love for the stadium.

On the inside of the ring you’ll find head coach Andy Reid’s slogan for the season, “EDGE,” along with the scores from each postseason game and the player’s own signature, inscribed.

On the outside of the ring are a number of other details, including ten diamonds on one side to mark the team’s ten-straight winning seasons, 54 diamonds to commemorate the 54 points deficits the team overcame in their last two Super Bowls, and 38 diamonds on the top to mark the 38 points scored in Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles:

Yet, while the rings are stunning, perhaps the best moment of the night came on the red carpet. Reid was asked if he wore his first Super Bowl ring to the ceremony, and he had the perfect answer:

A perfect response, Coach Reid.

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