The Magic recreated LeBron and Dwyane Wade’s most iconic dunk

The Magic recreated LeBron and Dwyane Wade’s most iconic dunk

The Orlando Magic have won eight straight games and are currently the second seed in the Eastern Conference, and they’re having so much fun. With a group that’s led by young stars such as Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner (among the top five players in minutes the oldest is Markelle Fultz, who is 25) they’re bound to play with energy and recreate some of the most amazing and viral moments in NBA history.

This is exactly what Cole Anthony and Jalen Suggs did on Wednesday against the Washington Wizards. Anthony is one of the “veteran” leaders on this team (he was drafted in 2020) and has provided a spark off the bench, but in this case, he and Suggs recreated the greatest photo taken in NBA history, the Wade to LeBron alley oop against Milwaukee.

This is too good:

The Magic would win 139-120, but this is one of the coolest moments from this season. I think my favorite part is Jalen Suggs immediately knowing what he did was the coolest moment of the season and going to embrace the fans. The announcers also play it up as well, and just creates a dope moment for the Magic, who are capital G Good this year.

On top of that, Jalen Suggs poured in 22 points and did this, making for a busy game from him:

The Magic are exciting, and if they continue to win games like this they’ll be on national tv soon.

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