Rudy Gobert said making his first three was like losing his virginity

Rudy Gobert said making his first three was like losing his virginity

Rudy Gobert has played in 735 NBA games since he was selected with the No. 27 overall pick in the 2013 draft by the Utah Jazz. Gobert has played more than 22,000 total minutes over that period. Despite all that time on the court, Gobert has never hit a three-pointer. He’s 0-for-15 from three-point range in his career between the regular season and playoffs, according to basketball-reference, which includes end-of-clock heaves.

Gobert is now playing with France in the 2023 FIBA World Cup, and going through warm-up games before the competition starts for real later this month. In France exhibition game earlier this week, Gobert did something he’s never done before: he made a three-pointer. Watch the French giant can a triple here:

So Rudy, how did it feel to finally hit a three-pointer in a game?

“Tonight I feel like I lost my virginity,” Gobert said.

That’s certainly one way to put it.

You already know there’s a meme for this. Please meme responsibly, kids.

Gobert hasn’t needed a three-point shot to become one of the best big men of his generation, but his lack of scoring punch has often hindered his teams in the past. If Gobert wants to help the Minnesota Timberwolves, he’ll figure out how to consistently score in the post against a smaller defender.

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