Report: Lakers open to trading Austin Reaves for Dejounte Murray, would need more value in return

Report: Lakers open to trading Austin Reaves for Dejounte Murray, would need more value in return

The Lakers have made it pretty abundantly clear time and time again through various reports that they aren’t interested in trading Austin Reaves. But while they clearly value him highly, it doesn’t sound like he’s entirely untouchable.

In his latest article on Thursday, Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports revealed a number of things about the Lakers, including the report that, again, they aren’t including Reaves in trade talks. But that did come with a caveat.

Fischer noted that the Lakers were one of five teams — along with the Knicks, Sixers, Heat and Pistons — as teams that would be interested in Murray. And, even more, they are open to including Reaves in a trade, but probably not one the Hawks want to make.

There does seem to be a pathway for a Murray-to-Los Angeles deal if the Lakers would be willing to include Reaves, sources said, although that would require the Hawks to send back more value for Los Angeles’ liking.

Right now, it seems there’s a pretty notable gap in valuations right now. The recent report is that the Hawks would require more than Reaves and Rui Hachimura both in return for Murray. That’s a far cry from the Lakers wanting more in return if they’re including Reaves.

The trade deadline is still about a month away, so there’s time for the Lakers and Hawks to close the gap in theory. But, boy, that’s a starting spot that doesn’t make it seem likely a deal is done.

In the event the two sides were to get to a point of negotiating who would be “more value” for the Lakers, that would be up to debate as well. One of the candidates that might make the most sense is Clint Capela. The Lakers have a need at center and the Hawks have two centers on their roster in Capela and Onyeka Okongwu. The latter just signed a four-year deal, so it seems more likely the former is more gettable in a trade.

Outside of that, though, there’s a fair amount of questions. In theory, perhaps someone like Bogdan Bogdanovic could make sense but he also just signed a new, long-term deal. Including either of Capela or Bogdanovic would also double the amount of money that needs to go back to the Hawks in a trade, too.

In short, this isn’t an easy trade negotiation even if you get past the gap in starting points.

Because of that, it doesn’t feel like a deal is likely. There are multiple other teams that can offer more or perhaps might come into negotiations closer in valuations.

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