Lamar Odom has the saddest rich person living room known to humanity

Lamar Odom has the saddest rich person living room known to humanity

You need to be really sure everything is on point when you decide to post a photo of your living room setup on Twitter. Decor is the No. 1 thing after food that the internet is waiting to roast you on, so it was very bold of Lamar Odom to share this.

Where do we even begin here? The first thing everyone was jumping on was Odom’s TV size — and we’re going to get to that in a second, but that’s far from the biggest issue here. It’s not even inherently the stark beige walls with the beige fireplace that makes this unsettling. It’s the complete absence of any form of wall art. I’m not saying that Lamar Odom should have a Monet on his walls, but he’s got the money to have some tasteful prints to break up the stark, sterile walls here. Don’t try to sell me on some “minimalist” crap either, because even Marie Kondo would agree this room sparks no joy.

I’ll give Odom some points for cable management, but damn dude, this setup is sad. It’s actually impressive to mount a TV over a fireplace, with a mantle as a reference point — and still manage not to have the screen centered or leveled. There’s also no decent sound system to be seen. There’s no even a sound bar here. Just tinny, TV speakers bouncing off bare walls and echoing through your beige cavern.

Most people hung on the TV though, and that’s what Odom thought people were dunking on. Never fear, because he jumped back on Twitter wearing a boobie shirt to show us that it wasn’t a small screen.

At the end of the day I might find this unsettling, but who am I to judge? Ultimately this is a man, happy in his living room, with his new TV, wearing a shirt with breasts on them. I hope Lamar is enjoying his setup, but get some speakers man.

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