Jordan Poole infuriating Wizards teammates with shot chucking already

Jordan Poole infuriating Wizards teammates with shot chucking already

The Washington Wizards might be one of the funniest teams we ever see this year. Composed of nothing but #bucketgetters, this team is going to be built off of contested jumpers and vibes, nothing more.

Apparently Wizards forward Deni Avdija was not one with the vibes, especially with newly acquired Wizards guard Jordan Poole. Poole was on a heater in the Wizards 131-106 preseason victory, scoring 41 points in three quarters. Now you’re probably wondering why Avdija was mad even though the Wizards won and Poole had a great night. Well…

Yeah so let’s examine Poole’s stat-line real quick. He had 41 points on 10-19 shooting, a rather efficient night for him. He also had two (2) assists in 27 minutes, really putting the “shooting” part in shooting guard.

In case you’re also wondering, Avdija finished the game with two points on 1-4 shooting in 15 minutes. He might as well have been out there running laps while Poole lit up the scoreboard. I would be mad too in the moment, but then because Poole ended up making the shot I would be much more chill.

If you ask the good people of Twitter, however, Avdija was open for a reason:

Yeah man, it’s kind of a bad look to call for the ball and get all upset when your teammate is cooking and has the hot hand. It’s ESPECIALLY rough when people went and found stats from last season and you shoot below 30% from deep.

Might be a long season for the Wizards vibes overall.

To watch full highlights of Poole’s night, go here:

As long as Poole doesn’t get punched in the face again, it will be a better season than last year.

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