James Harden’s 4 burger run is the NBA’s funniest offseason video

James Harden’s 4 burger run is the NBA’s funniest offseason video

It’s unclear what the price will be for a James Harden trade this offseason, but a James Harden promo has a going rate of four hamburgers.

Legendary Houston rapper Bun B was at the club over the weekend promoting his restaurant Trill Burgers, when none other than Harden stepped into frame a grabbed a stack.

I absolutely get this in my soul. If you’re out at the club for an extended period of time, ESPECIALY during the summer, you’re burning a whole lot of calories and only replacing them with alcohol. Sooner or later your stomach is a burning hole of liquor and hunger — at which point you’d give ANYTHING to find something to eat. A promotional burger (or four) is just what the doctor prescribed.

Naturally I’m sure Harden and Bun B knew they could make this moment go viral, and that’s where this gets much more interesting than a random burger run in the middle of club. Harden knows just how powerful a negative image can be in getting a trade done. Lest we forget “FatSuitGate,” when Harden was purported to be wearing a fat suit to get such a negative perception in the media that the Rockets eventually traded him to the Nets.

Maybe this wasn’t a simple burger run, but a planned campaign to get out of Philly this time? It’s a little on the nose to try it twice, but maybe you’ve gotta play the hits.

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