Gregg Popovich finally yelled at Victor Wembanyama

Gregg Popovich finally yelled at Victor Wembanyama

One of the best things about some of the Spurs legends is they allowed themselves to be coached and even yelled at. Whether it was in practice or in front of national TV audiences, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili were all known for tolerating Gregg Popovich’s tirades and taking his coaching to heart, something not all superstars are open to, which in turned set a good example for the role players.

Now, it looks like rookie Victor Wembanyama will be no different, as he recently admitted after practice that, while it took longer than he thought, Pop finally yelled at him — and he liked it. It must have felt like a rite of passage. He also admitted that, while not naming names, Pop makes the team run sprints if he says to do something but the same mistake gets repeated. While Wemby seemed to imply that he had not been the cause of any sprints yet, he still appreciates the process and how much work goes into learning the system and NBA as a whole.

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