DeMar DeRozan’s 360 assist sequel is almost as good as the original

DeMar DeRozan’s 360 assist sequel is almost as good as the original

The Chicago Bulls have been playing shockingly good basketball since Zach LaVine went out of the lineup with right foot soreness. Chicago is 5-2 without LaVine in its last seven games. Coby White is playing like an All-Star, the big men are pounding the offensive glass, and suddenly one of the worst shooting teams in the league is hitting better than 40 percent of their threes over this stretch.

DeMar DeRozan has always been a steadying force for the Bulls’ offense, and he’s leaned more into playmaking duties as of late. DeRozan is currently posting the fifth-highest assist rate of his 15-year career while also putting up his lowest turnover rate ever. He tallied four more assists in Chicago’s 124-116 win over the Heat on Thursday night, including a spectacular spinning dime to White for a corner three.

It was exactly one month earlier that DeRozan had his first 360 assist of the season — which was touted as one of the best NBA passes ever. The sequel is almost as good as the original. Watch DeRozan drive baseline, spin in the air, and find White for a corner three.

What an incredible pass. The alternate angle makes it look even better.

DeRozan is No. 35 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, but he’s more than just a bucket-getter. He’s awesome at taking care of the ball, he’s mastered the tricks of drawing fouls, and he’s grown so much as a passer over the years. At age-34, he looks more confident than ever as a playmaker, and it’s resulted in some spectacular dimes this season.

Here’s DeMar’s 360 assist from a month ago:

The Bulls still seem like a rudderless franchise, but at least they are giving their fans something fun to watch as of late. DeRozan’s playmaking a big component of that.

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