Damian Lillard Says Goodbye to Portland with Rap

Damian Lillard Says Goodbye to Portland with Rap

After the Portland Trail Blazers granted Damian Lillard’s wish to be traded, the franchise-defining guard bid farewell to his adopted NBA hometown with a rap track called “Farewell”. Lillard posted an advertisement for the song on X/Twitter, encouraging fans to purchase and/or listen.

I be in pocket most days but I got some nutty in me

That’s why I pull up in that butter Bentley

Yeah, it’s that perfect balance s*** that all you busters envy

And I’m still cooking s*** just like my cousin Kenny

Passed the stage of thinking about who wasn’t, wasn’t with me

Solo mission with my kids I know they f*** with Disney

Cut from a cloth that guarantee we cut in history

The way these dreams is unfolding gotta pluck or pinch me

Big Dolla not the lil one, come and eat just like a pilgrim

Whole entire family, know I willed ‘em out the ghetto

But can’t take it out a n****, every state they cop a picture

Lot of grace in my charisma. I was heaven sent

The accolades across my letterman indicative of blesses and

Touched by the man, not a reverend

All the times that I been severin’

Ain’t worthy to follow me in the rooms that I’m excelling in

It’s nothing fake people can offer

If they get boxed in with me I may turn into Crawford

All the s*** that’s on my plate, it won’t fit on a saucer

I know all this s*** was written and know who the author

I get low for the Father


Not as devout as I should be

Falling victim to the flesh like I’m a kid or a rookie

Do I get in line with him or do I get some p****

And all my cousins thuggin’ and they know how to boogie

A lot of praise but still a lot of sinnin’

Questioning my own walk watching Gino Jennings

I mastered bein’ P and now I see no limits

All this pain I done endured but you won’t see no grimace

I’m solid to the finish

Been at the top for a minute, still I’m the real me

I can’t get caught up in the s*** that didn’t build me

Cause it can kill me, more pricey than my bills be

Only my loved ones make me feel free

I said vows just to watch it ended abruptly

Let some people in and now these n***** disgust me

I learned that a wolf can sometimes resemble a husky

Swear that you’re their dog, then sell you shorter than Muggsy

You live and learn and I know it, that’s why I roll with punches

With each attack, all of my gifts you see grows in abundance

It gets spicy when a n***** get told he was munchin’

When you play with good people, your goals in the dungeon

I can never be replaced, they’ll know sooner than later

An arrow pointed at who assumed it was greater

Amazing what I get in return for this labor

I continue leaving trails, but it won’t be for the Blazers

To the fans, man, I love you, it’s unconditional

Reasons for me leaving this city is nothing typical

So it’s imperative not to believe their narrative

Just know that what I left is better than what I inherited

I leave at peace because I know at the end that this is business

Hope you remember all the things you got to sit and witness

In the future, man, I hope we greet with hugs and kisses

But you should know they’re the ones who chose another mission

They fishin’

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