Chris Paul had the saddest Warriors introduction possible

Chris Paul had the saddest Warriors introduction possible

I’m generally a fan of making fun of stuff like this, but man… this just feels sad.

Okay, so Chris Paul is older now — I get it. Still, the Warriors didn’t even bother to iron the man’s damn jersey. Instead he’s standing with a wrinkly-ass No. 3, in the popcorn walls of an office hallway, with a photo taken on a phone.

Chris Paul made more of an effort for this photo and he’s wearing denim-on-denim.

This isn’t even a “bad angle” situation, because he was standing next to a trash can.

The man is going to be a Hall of Famer, and y’all put him in the employee break room of a Denny’s.

This isn’t CP3, it’s CP2.5.

I’m not saying that Golden State needed to roll out the red carpet, but he got the Cliff Paul from State Farm introduction when he’s really Chris Paul.

I’m sorry Chris, you deserved better.

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