Patrick Mahomes says Alex Smith taught him to teach others

Patrick Mahomes says Alex Smith taught him to teach others

The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in a position that few expected them to reach.

Just a month ago, the team stood at 9-6 after losing five of the previous eight games. Most of those losses had come because of the team’s own mistakes — including those of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

But according to head coach Andy Reid, Mahomes also played a key role in getting the team where it is now: preparing to face the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC Championship on Sunday afternoon.

“Listen, Pat’s a perfectionist,” Reid told reporters before Wednesday’s practice. “He’s as competitive as any of us right here — I mean, more so. He just wants it right around him. But he’s willing to teach; that’s the unique part. So he’s willing to share what he sees with the guys… and help the guys get in a position. As long as they’re willing to work, he’s all-in.”

According to Mahomes, that all leads back to the man who taught him how to play in the NFL.

“I think it just comes from the guys before me,“ he said on Wednesday. “I mean, Alex Smith is the prime example. He was playing great football at [a] top level — and he was teaching me at the same time.

“It’s about just trying to make everybody better. We want to win every single week. That’s just how it is in the NFL. But you’re not going to, so all you can do is get better each and every week — win or [lose].

“And the guys did that. That’s why we’re sitting in this football game now. We’re going to try to do our best to try to win this game — and get better for the Super Bowl after this.”

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