Our expert NFL picks for Week 4 of 2023

Our expert NFL picks for Week 4 of 2023

We’re settling into the NFL season now. The first three weeks are more or less the feeling out period for any year, and now we’re getting a better sense of how the teams shape up this.

The big lesson: Not much has changed. This was supposed to be a year of mammoth change where a lot of decent teams took the step into becoming good, but that hasn’t really materialized for anyone except the Miami Dolphins.

In fact, it’s safer to say that more teams have drastically underperformed than anything else. The Vikings are 0-3, the Chargers are 1-2, and the less we say about everyone’s sleeper pick, the Bears, the better.

Meanwhile the Chiefs and Bills are extremely good once more, as are the Eagles and Cowboys — but even these teams have had weird setbacks. When it comes to Week 4 one of the most fascinating games to watch will be Browns vs. Ravens. Not only could it establish the pecking order in the AFC North, but the winner could very well go on to take the division if the Bengals keep struggling to find their footing.

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