Joe Burrow Injury: Small but encouraging update

Joe Burrow Injury: Small but encouraging update


Prior to Tuesday’s training camp practice, Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor revealed that Joe Burrow is still able to do weightlifting and rehab work in the facilities.


Here’s an encouraging update.

Bengals QB Joe Burrow was present during Monday’s locker-room interviews and did not have a limp. He also didn’t have a scooter or a walking boot.


More small updates on Joe Burrow from the NFL Network crew and Bengals head coach Zac Taylor.


Here is a brief update on Joe Burrow from the NFL Network crew.

In addition, head coach Zac Taylor said that the Bengals will likely add another quarterback, so we wrote about some potential veteran options in that department. It’s pretty much a given since Jake Browning and Trevor Siemian are the only QBs currently on the roster.

Get well soon, Joe.


Doesn’t sound like Joe Burrow will be back in training camp soon for the Cincinnati Bengals, at least based on these comments from head coach Zac Taylor.

“Calf strain,” Taylor said of Burrow’s injury diagnosis. “It will take several weeks, and that’s all the information we have.”

When pressed on if that includes the regular season, Taylor simply added, “Several weeks is several weeks.”

So yeah, sounds like another year of little-to-no training camp and preseason for Burrow. At least he’s plenty used to it by now.

Here’s to hoping the Bengals have Burrow practicing fully in Week 1 when it’s time to prepare for the regular-season opener vs. the Cleveland Browns.


There’s this promising note from Jay Morrison at Pro Football Network about Joe Burrow still attending Bengals meetings after his injury.


It appears the Bengals got confirmation of a calf strain regarding Joe Burrow’s injury.

It isn’t a serious injury, luckily. However, Burrow is going to miss at least a few weeks of practice, and it wouldn’t be surprising Cincinnati bring him along slowly when he is able to return.


Bengals head coach Zac Taylor says Joe Burrow suffered a calf injury. Noted injury expert Davis J. Chao also offered this:

If this truly is just a strain, Burrow should have a chance to be back on the field by Week 1 vs. the Cleveland Browns on September 10th, which is now 45 days away.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow suffered an injury late in Thursday’s practice that led to him being carted off of the field.

At this time, it’s unclear how severe the injury is or what exact part of his body was hurt, but early videos coming out of practice suggest it was his lower right leg. It happened toward the end of practice.

We will update this story as more details come out.

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