Houston Texans thump the Pittsburgh Steelers in most complete win of season

Houston Texans thump the Pittsburgh Steelers in most complete win of season

Good afternoon, this is a recording. Patrick is unable to come to the recap post right now because he is at the emergency room because he is unsure if he saw what he saw in today’s Houston Texans game after trouncing, yes TROUNCING, the Pittsburgh Steelers, 30-6, or if he in fact had a major stroke and these are the last flickering embers of thought going through his brain.

Sorry, kind of got grim there.

The Houston Texans might very well be for real after putting up 30 against a pretty good Pittsburgh Steelers team. Texans QB C.J. Stroud threw 16/30 for 306 yards and two touchdowns with Nico Collins living up to the WR1 role that Texans fans had been hoping he would fill since he was drafted in the second round in 2021.

Dameon Pierce, not to be overlooked, had his best rushing game of the year to date; rushing for 81 yards on the ground and getting another 27 yards receiving.

This was also the first game where Devin Singletary made himself known, rushing for 25 yards and throwing, you read that right, a touchdown pass.

The defense had their moments in the sun too, holding the Pittsburgh Steelers to 53 total yards in the first half, 225 yards total throughout the game and not a single touchdown.

The Texans’ luck would continue, even if that’s the wrong word to use, when the Steelers would lose their starting tight end Pat Freiermuth in the third quarter and quarterback Kenny Pickett in the fourth. Mitchell Trubisky would come in and throw his usual Trubisky numbers 3/5 for 18 yards and no touchdowns.

The Texans would not escape unscathed or without issues. The team registered an unacceptable eight penalties for 63 yards and second string guard Kendrick Green was injured and did not return to the game.

Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans will have something to coach up for next week’s matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.

But other than that today’s game was, I can say without hesitation, the most complete game of football I’ve seen the Texans play in years, possibly since Gary Kubiak was calling plays.

Oh, and J.J. Watt was entered into the Texans ring of honor. On top of everything else, the Texans gave J.J. a win he could be proud of.

I don’t know how they did it with an offensive line comprised of Shaq Mason and The Expendables, I don’t know how the defense has turned a corner as quickly as it has, but at this point it’s becoming harder and harder to say the Houston Texans haven’t turned it around.

And for myself, it’s getting harder and harder to keep my feet on the ground for this team.



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