Eagles’ fake ‘Tush Push’ leads to wide open touchdown vs. Commanders

Eagles’ fake ‘Tush Push’ leads to wide open touchdown vs. Commanders

The Philadelphia Eagles’ unique spin on the quarterback sneak has become the most unstoppable play in football. Call it the “Tush Push” or the “Brotherly Shove” — either way, with Jalen Hurts at quarterback, the play works more than 80% of the time. While some have campaigned to ban the play, it’s interesting that other teams have tried to copy it, but no one runs it quite as well as the Eagles.

Philadelphia went to the play again to break open a close game against the Washington Commanders in Week 8, only this time with a surprise twist. As the Eagles lined up for the QB sneak on a third-and-two, Hurts handed the ball to D’Andre Swift who broke a run to the outside to get in the end zone. Watch the play here:

Teams are so terrified of the “Tush Push” that the idea of running something different out of that formation could be a devastating card for Philly to play the rest of the season. Everyone in the stadium was expecting Swift to push Hurts’ tush, but instead he took the handoff to the left sideline for a score.

The “Tush Push” was already dominant. Now that the Eagles are working in counters, it feels even scarier.

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